+er/director/bad boy Peter Fonda, the original Captain America.">

+ls, Captain America, Ulee's Gold, Ulees Gold, The Limey, South of Heaven West

*If you ever bought a pair of shades because they looked like Fonda's, think Easy Rider should have been higher on the AFI 100 All-Time Great Movies list...if you thought +of Hell, ez rider, easy rider, Wyatt, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Peter Fonda, Wan Fonda was robbed at the 1998 Oscars (but are glad he at least lost to Nicholson), +da Nevada, Race With The Devil"> if you're desperately looking for Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry on video, this is the page for you.

We here at HeavenlyBlues have always been huge fans of Peter Fonda and think it's high time he had his own fan page. To that end, we've collected a page of interviews, Easy Rider pages, and are constructing an online gallery. We might even put together a postcard service. Tell us what you think would improve this site. Any info, pics or links submitted will be duly and gratefully acknowledged. We promise.

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